Dataloy adds data widgets to software system

Bergen-based Dataloy Systems has launched a new Dataloy Widgets addition to its maritime software package, a range of tools designed to improve data accessibility and utility.

Available from Dataloy VMS version 7.9, the widgets are Integrated into the Dataloy Voyage Management System (VMS) to deliver contextual real-time insights to the user to support decision making.

“Dataloy Widgets are tailored specifically to overcome the pressing challenges faced by today’s maritime professionals,” said Erik Fritz Loy, CEO of Dataloy Systems.

“From the start, our objective was to create tools that not only enhance efficiency but also empower our clients with precise, actionable data, making real-time, informed decisions possible.”

“Our rigorous analysis and collaboration with maritime experts have ensured that the Dataloy Widgets not only respond to current operational needs but also anticipate future demands of the maritime logistics sector.”

Users can access real-time data on operational metrics such as bunker costs, port delays, and vessel performance, with the widgets tailored to meet the specific needs of individual users.

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