ABS Wavesight updates My Digital Fleet platform

ABS Wavesight has introduced an updated version of its My Digital Fleet (MDF) software, with a particular focus on managing compliance with decarbonisation requirements from both the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union.

One of the features integrated within the latest version of MDF is EU ETS compliance support, enabling users to track CO2 emissions by vessel and across fleets, to facilitate reporting of EU allowances.

The redesigned application also includes improved vessel performance monitoring capabilities, offering insights into the impact of hull and propeller condition on propulsion efficiency to inform operators on fuel usage and wastage, facilitating collaboration between performance and technical teams to optimise vessel conditions.

With the integration of dynamic vessel performance models, real-time adjustments to operational conditions can be made, enabling increased power/engine efficiency and reduced fuel overconsumption.

In addition to performance monitoring, new vessel data monitoring capabilities establish a foundation for evaluating the quality of data generated by vessels across an organisation’s fleet, providing a visual representation of vessel data types and flagging potential issues.

“We are excited to unveil the latest My Digital Fleet software, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionising vessel performance monitoring and compliance support,” said Staci Satterwhite, ABS Wavesight CEO.

“With its innovative features and modernised architecture, MDF empowers shipowners, operators and charterers to optimise performance, reduce fuel consumption, and gain compliance with regulatory requirements, setting a new standard for addressing risk within vessel performance software in the maritime industry.”

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