DeepSea gets DNV approval for autonomous speed control

DeepSea Technologies reports that it has received type approval from classification society DNV for its HyperPilot system, used to automatically control changes in speed across a voyage to achieve fuel savings.

The company says that this is DNV’s first type approval of a system that provides automatic speed adjustment to a propulsion control system.

A retrofittable device, HyperPilot can be used to manage adherence to voyage route and speed plans by dynamically retrieving the speed command corresponding to the vessel’s current location and automatically feeding it to the propulsion control system, eliminating the manual process of dynamically adjusting the RPM of the main engine.

DeepSea claims that use of the technology could also increase the value vessels can draw from route and speed optimisation software by enabling officers to more closely maintain optimised speeds.

Full-scale trials of the product are expected to commence in Q3 2024, with plans to go to market later in the year.

“The success of speed optimisation for fuel efficiency depends on the precision with which optimal speeds can be followed,” said Dr Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepSea Technologies.

“With the implementation of HyperPilot, officers will have more precise and convenient control of their vessels’ routes and speeds, achieving greater efficiency for their owners and charterers. Receiving type approval from DNV prepares the way for our ongoing development of innovative solutions to deliver efficient and sustainable autonomous vessels.”

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