VPS and Normec Verifavia partner on emissions data verification

VPS and Normec Verifavia report that they have signed a partnership agreement to support improved vessel data reporting and verification for MRV / EU ETS reporting.

The partnership will combine VPS’s capabilities in data-driven decarbonisation applications with Normec Verifavias expertise as an independent third-party data verifier, with the two companies to work together to deliver an integrated process for the handling and verification of fleet fuel and emissions numbers.

The first step of the partnership will see verification services offered to VPS customers using the Maress system for fuel and emissions optimisation, as well its Emsys technology for real-time measurement of emissions passing through the vessel smokestack.

Data collected from Emsys can be fed directly to Maress and subsequently verified by Normec Verifavia to provide an overview of all aspects of fuel and emissions management related to vessel operations.

“We see a rapid development where the market is no longer willing to take the risk of not knowing precisely what the emissions from operations are,” said Jan Wilhelmsson, COO, Digital & Decarbonisation of VPS.

“We are excited about the fact that the partnership with Normec Verifavia enables all Maress users to get their emission numbers verified. It will literally be a one stop shop for data collection, analytics, collaboration and verified emission reporting.”

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