Saab TransponderTech nav unit gets Panama Canal approval

Saab TransponderTech reports that its R6 NAV NEO navigation system has been granted approval from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for use in the Panama Canal.

The R6 NAV NEO high precision navigation sensor system can be used in open seas, ports and other busy waters, and complies with the new Panama Canal requirements for an ACP-approved high-precision non-portable piloting unit on the largest vessels (Neopanamax) during transit.

The unit is resistance to jamming and spoofing threats in the GNSS-band, utilising a dual GNSS-sensor with multi-constellation and multi-frequency reception, alongside inertial backup of GNSS position and active filters to mitigate jamming effects.

“By integrating multi-GNSS with inertial position backup (IMU) and external corrections, the R6 NAV NEO redefines navigation precision and integrity protection. It is a stellar addition to Saab TransponderTech’s portfolio,” said Magnus Nyberg, Head of Market and Programmes at Saab TransponderTech.

R6 NAV NEO provides position, speed, course, heading, and rate of turn information for docking and manoeuvring, combining Differential Global Navigation Satellite System (DGNSS) with an inertial measurement unit (IMU), and external corrections such as SBAS, IALA beacon, ATLAS and RTK.

Ship position and movements are displayed on a control and display unit, can be shared via Wi-Fi to the Panama Canal pilot tablet, and can be distributed to other onboard systems including ECDIS and ARPA.

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