Shipnet launches latest application

Norwegian maritime software company Shipnet has announced the launch of Helix, its latest data analysis application for the shipping industry.

Helix supports integration and analysis of data from various sources such as safety, pricing, and procurement. The system incorporates five years of weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which can be overlaid with a business’s historical data of conditions, incidents, response times, and other parameters to create operational predictions.

“It’s not uncommon for businesses in the shipping industry to suffer as a result of insufficient data and our simplicity, transparency and ability to connect different business areas gives the most informed decision making. Our analytical capabilities with the launch of Helix will ultimately transform your business by funnelling your data into Helix, giving the opportunity to find out how your business is performing,” said John Wills, Vice President of Product at Shipnet.

“It allows integration from whichever program you are already using such as Excel, Sisense, Microsoft Power BI and learn whatever you choose to from it. Particularly where ESG is increasingly important, Helix enables you to change and improve your business and see what’s currently driving it. It will be the most flexible reporting dashboard on the market.”

“Many workers may take more care when conditions are not favourable compared to when conditions are good and therefore the likelihood of accidents could be higher during better conditions.”

Future expansion of the software is also planned, with AI tools set to be integrated into Helix later in 2024 to allow users to ask the system a question and be provided with an answer pulled from multiple data sources.

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