Windward launches generative AI maritime agent

Windward has launched a new generative AI-powered virtual agent for the maritime sector, called MAI Expert.

MAI Expert leverages the selection of foundation models (FMs) available in Amazon Bedrock and equips those FMs with Windward’s own maritime logistics data to deliver more relevant and accurate responses, with the aim of reducing vessel screening and investigation times, and offering new automation capabilities.

The system will be initially implemented in the Windward vessel profile, where MAI Expert will analyse various risk parameters, including global regulatory risk indicators, P&I insurance, and specific customer-defined settings to generate vessel profile risk assessments. The agent can also scan and analyse news outlets for any adverse media regarding that vessel, before generating risk assessments that highlight potential red flags and providing actionable recommendations.

The agent additionally has the ability to draft external communications for further inquiries, standardising the risk management process and cutting down screening and investigation times. 

“Generative AI is not just a technology for Windward; it’s a key step in our journey in revolutionising global trade with AI and with our differentiator — our own data,” said Ami Daniel, Co-founder and CEO of Windward.

“By integrating generative AI into our platform, we are not only leveraging our industry-leading AI models but also enhancing our technological foundations to provide unmatched productivity and seamless automation for our customers.”

“The introduction of MAI Expert within vessel profiles is just the first step in our extensive generative AI roadmap, and we are looking forward to implementing more tools to provide value for our customers.”

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