Hafnia-backed AI venture Complexio gets new investment

Complexio, an artificial intelligence (AI) joint venture between tanker operator Hafnia and tech company Símbolo, has announced that it has raised new investment from venture firm Greenbridge.

Founded in 2023, Complexio ingests company data and leverages large language models (LLMs), algorithms and other technologies to map and structure complex, structured and unstructured data to assist companies in streamlining operations. Marfin Management, C Transport Maritime, Trans Sea Transport and BW Epic Kosan are also partners in the venture.

Working with Hafnia over the past 24 months, Complexio says it has already identified over 107 million relationships within the data ingested to examine for optimisation.

“Data is the biggest asset a company has right now. Greenbridge’s investment in Complexio is further proof that the technology we have built to understand it will completely alter the way companies interact with all their systems and tools,” said Dr Sean Edmiston, Complexio Chief Scientist.

“By already working with Neo4j, another Greenbridge portfolio company, we are making whole company data actionable. Neo4j’s graph database management system helps us visualise this quantum leap in a traditional, easily digestible format for business leaders to take action on.”

As part of the investment agreement, Greenbridge will also hold a board position in Complexio.

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