Louis Dreyfus Armateurs vessels to implement D-ICE autopilot

D-ICE Engineering has received an order to supply autopilot systems for a new fleet of low-emission Louis Dreyfus Armateurs vessels, to be used to transport aircraft subassemblies for Airbus.

Each ship will be equipped with a combination of six Norsepower Rotor Sails and two dual-fuel engines running on diesel oil and e-methanol. The vessels will be constructed by Wuchang Shipyard in Wuhan, China.

OCEANiCS Autopilot integrates hydrodynamic and aerodynamic physical models with native compatibility for any type of wind propulsion technology, to optimise navigational safety and performance for vessels equipped with these systems.

The autopilot includes support for analysis of adaptive wave spectral disturbances, automated tuning, and control of all available actuators. The software also manages data collection and performance analysis for ongoing performance optimisation.

This order marks D-ICE Engineering’s first project in the Chinese market, the company notes.

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