About Us

The goal of the Smart Maritime Network (SMN) is to provide a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors, informing and educating the industry on technological developments and innovations while providing wider opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing.

This will be achieved through the creation of a website offering free access to relevant industry news, interviews with thought leaders, white papers and presentations outlining new technologies and processes, as well as a range of additional podcasts and video content, to provide the most comprehensive knowledge bank on maritime innovation in the sector. To widen the reach of this knowledge network SMN will hold a series of regional events targeted at local maritime industry stakeholders, to present new ideas to key companies while addressing issues of specific local importance, communicating the overarching goal of a connected and integrated industry to a global audience.

Activities will also include the creation of a Smart Maritime Council, a series of private meetings for maritime technology developers and systems integrators providing a platform for discussions on the development of a wider range of mutually beneficial partnerships, on issues relating to compatibility, standardisation and harmonisation. Council meetings will take place alongside SMN conferences in various locations, to provide an opportunity for a wide range of companies and their representatives to become involved.

Ultimately, it is expected that the Council will be able to drive improved collaboration in a number of areas where competition is not conducive to the best interests of the industry, and work towards the agreement of guidance notes on future regulation of maritime technologies for proposal to relevant authorities.

Our Founders

Rob O'Dwyer

Chief Network Officer

Cathy Hodge

Chief Operating Officer

Smart Maritime Network

Harcourt Centre, Block 4, Harcourt Road,
Dublin D02 HW77, Ireland

Phone: +353-1-477-3033