Smart Maritime Network Copenhagen Conference

November 12, 2020

SMN Copenhagen is being held in unique hybrid form, with an on-site event and
a simultaneous global online audience of invitation only registered guests.

The SMN Vision

SMN is very pleased to announce our first ever "Live & Digital" conference - a hybrid event designed to give both our in-person delegates and our virtual attendees the best possible experience and opportunity to interact.

The world has changed around us – at a pace faster than any of us could have imagined even just eight months ago - and companies are going to need to collaborate better in a highly competitive digitally-enabled market in order to 'survive', where they'll need to identify the areas where they have common interests and shared goals and find ways to work together, rather than competing, to make them as efficient and value-creating as possible for their common customers. This has never been truer than right now in our post-COVID era. As momentum builds and the benefits become more obvious, and fully expected by customers, this will only accelerate, and those on the outside will struggle to keep up.

Smart Maritime Network Copenhagen will take place 12 November and will address the twin forces of digitalisation and standardisation, with an eye on how recent world events have impacted our approach to both issues. Disruption is no longer a possibility but a fact of business life – we will ask industry experts to share their views on how to successfully navigate the route to digitally-supported maritime operations and build workflows that are adaptable to rapidly changing circumstances. With the world now embracing autonomy, digitalisation and smart technologies at an unprecedented rate, we will investigate how shipping can play a leading role in this global transformation.

The day will feature keynote presentations from some of our sector's foremost experts, combined with interactive panel sessions with industry leaders, giving you the chance to ask the questions that matter most to your business.

Some of the issues we will cover throughout the day are:
• Addressing the dual challenges of digitalisation and sustainability
• Building resilience and agility through standardisation and digitalisation
• Creating certainty in an uncertain world
• Platforms and ecosystems to address maritime complexity
• Harnessing smart technology for vessel efficiency
• Supply chain collaboration - Integration between maritime, the logistics chain and other stakeholders in cargo transportation
• Plus – Technology Display Zones, where key partners will have the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their latest innovations and outline how they are working towards a smarter, more connected future of shipping.

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With an expert line up ready to share their knowledge and experience:

Confirmed Speakers to date: 
• Anette Dybdal Fenger, Director, Business Intelligence and Development, Danish Maritime Authority
• Henk Mulder, Head of Digital Cargo, International Air Transport Association
Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Maritime 
• Valdemar Ehlers, Technical Director,
Danish Maritime 
Lars Jensen, CEO/Partner, SeaIntelligence Consulting 
Julian Abril, Head of Facilitation, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
• Jaco Voorspuij, Senior Manager Transport and Logistics, GS1 Global Office & Vice Chairman, International Taskforce Port Call Optimization 
• Mikael Lind, Associate Professor & Senior Strategic Research Advisor, RISE
• Dita Bruijn, Director of Operations, PortXchange, Port of Rotterdam
• Richard Morton, Secretary General, IPCSA
• P. Michael A. Rodey, Vice President of Corporate Development, Cognite AS
• Erik Christian Lund, Head of IotT Tracking Division (Visilion), Sony
• Peter Andersen, CEO, GTT Analytics
• Mike Powell, Strategy Director, StratumFive
• Nick Chubb,Founder & Managing Director, Thetius
• Giampiero Soncini, CEO, IB Marine
• Mike Kiersey, EMEA Principal Technologist, Dell Boomi
• Rui Pinto, Engineering App & Comms Specialist, Stolt Tankers
• Sean Crowley, Electrical & Automation Manager, Stolt Tankers
• Henrik Hvid Jensen, Head of Circular Economy Initiative, e.circular

Conference Health & Safety Measures

Now that we are all slowly emerging from the restrictions necessitated by the recent COVID-19 crisis, SMN is very pleased to be returning to hosting our series of conferences to facilitate safe and conscientious in-person meetings with our partners and industry peers. To safeguard the wellbeing of all of our attendees, we will be strictly following the guidelines of the local health authorities in our host countries, as well as adopting best practices recommended by major business conference and event organiser associations, such as PCMA, UFI and AEO.*

Our in-person events for the second half of 2020 will include a return to Copenhagen in November. As of 8 June 2020, gatherings of up to 500 people are permitted in Denmark (provided that delegates remain mostly seated), and we will be following the advice of the Danish Authorities in ensuring that all recommended health and safety measures are followed on site:

We are also working very closely with our venue, Axelborg at Tivoli, and suppliers to ensure the measures in place during SMN Copenhagen 2020 will provide a safe, pleasant and productive experience for all our guests.

These include:

On-site & Social Distancing:

  • We have booked the entire venue for our exclusive use. This maximises the space available for the event to facilitate social distancing, and will ensure that the number of people with access to catering, washrooms and any other facilities is limited to our guests and event staff only.
  • We will be holding a sit-down lunch instead of a buffet. This will be table service for the convenience of our guests, to limit the need to congregate around catering stations.
  • Before and throughout the conference the venue will follow strict sanitisation and cleaning protocols – this includes sanitising all microphones between each use, and providing sanitising gel for speakers to use prior to taking the stage.
  • We will strictly follow additional on-site audience hygiene guidelines, such as the provision of hand sanitisation stations throughout the venue for your convenience.
  • Conference seating will be at round tables, with seats spaced out at measured intervals to adhere to distancing requirements.
  • Each seat will be numbered and all guests will be advised to use the same seat throughout the conference, to limit sharing of chairs or table space.
  • Notepads and pens will be made available, but these will be from a collection point to prevent handling by more than one attendee.
  • We will be implementing contact-less business contact exchange via QR codes on our webapp, to remove the need for physical business cards to be exchanged. Attendees are also encouraged to avail of contactless smartphone sharing technologies like Bluetooth to exchange information.
  • We will be asking our Sponsors and Partners to limit the amount of physical materials they distribute on-site and instead provide informational resources via a designated downloads section on our website. Sponsors may also send materials to those who request them post-event.

Pre-Event and Arrival:

  • There will be a “print at home” or contactless printing badge system. Attendees are strongly encouraged to print their own badge prior to arrival to reduce the need for queuing at the event.
  • We will be encouraging and reminding all delegates of the importance of adhering to recommended personal hygiene etiquette, such as washing and disinfecting hands regularly, and wearing facemasks where appropriate.
  • Participants will be asked to wear a face mask on entry, if appropriate, in line with local government and health authority advice.
  • We will be asking any delegates with any symptoms of illness to refrain from attending the conference.

Trace & Contact:

  • It is our policy to ensure that we have full contact details of all guests who attend the event, enabling us to work with local authorities on trace & contact follow-up should that be necessary.

If you would like to discuss any of these measures, or have any questions, please contact:

Cathy Hodge, COO, Smart Maritime Network


*For more information on these guidelines please head to


Learn from our expert speakers and get up to date on the latest technology developments.


Share ideas on how to transform the shipping business using digital technologies.


Reconnect with your peers in the maritime IT sector and make new contacts to benefit your business.

Conference Agenda // November 12, 2020

Rob O'Dwyer Round
Rob O'Dwyer
Smart Maritime Network
Giampiero Soncini
Giampiero Soncini,
IB Marine
Mike Kiersey round
Mike Kiersey,
Dell Boomi
Rui Pinto Round
Rui Pinto,
Stolt Tankers
Sean Crowley Round 1
Sean Crowley,
Stolt Tankers
  • Lunch Break
    Lunch Break 1.15 PM

    No sessions at this time. Please visit our partners in their virtual booths.

  • Roundtable Discussion Groups – Hosted by our Partners
    Roundtable Discussion Groups – Hosted by our Partners 2.00 PM

    Each table will focus on a unique topic centred around the Smart Maritime Network goal of establishing better collaboration and standardisation in maritime technology. The roundtable discussions will last around 40 minutes. Participants may choose which session to join and interact with in the virtual event platform.

  • Tea/Coffee Break
    Tea/Coffee Break 3.00 PM

    No sessions at this time. Please visit our partners in their virtual booths.

  • Julian Abril, Head of Facilitation, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
    Julian Abril, Head of Facilitation, International Maritime Organization (IMO) 3.25 PM

    Cooperation and Interoperability for Effective Trade Facilitation – through Maritime Digitalisation and Data Exchange

  • Panel Discussion – Smart Supply Chains
    Panel Discussion – Smart Supply Chains 4.00 PM

    Technology is revolutionising the supply chain – however just generating increased data is not enough. Integration of different technologies, collaboration amongst stakeholders, transparency in data exchange, determining how to use “smart” data (such as that from containers) and harmonising standards are all necessary foundations to real interoperability and efficient end-to-end supply chain visibility and excellence.
    Moderated by: Mike Powell, Strategy Director, StratumFive
    Panellists include:
    • Jaco Voorspuij, Senior Manager Transport and Logistics, GS1 Global Office & Vice Chairman International Taskforce Port Call Optimization
    • P. Michael A. Rodey, VP Corporate Development, Cognite
    • Dita Bruijn, Director of Operations, PortXchange, Port of Rotterdam
    • Mikael Lind, Associate Professor & Senior Strategic Research Advisor, RISE
    • Erik Christian Lund, Head of IoT Tracking Division (Visilion), Sony
    • Richard Morton, Secretary General, IPCSA (International Port Community Systems)

Mike Powell
Mike Powell,
Jaco GS1
Jaco Voorspuij,
GS1 Global Office
Richard Morton 1
Richard Morton,
IPCSA (International Port Community Systems)
Dita Bruijn
Dita Bruijn,
PortXchange, Port of Rotterdam
Mikael Lind,
Erik Lund - new - circle
Erik Christian Lund,
  • The Industry Leaders Panel: Accelerating Digital Adoption
    The Industry Leaders Panel: Accelerating Digital Adoption 5.00 PM

    This session will ask some of our industry’s leading experts to share their insights on how recent world events have impacted the pace of progress in maritime digitalisation. We will hear views on the value of investment in digital agility, and discuss what challenges and threats we are facing and how to accelerate digital adoption to combat these.
    Moderated by: Lars Jensen, CEO/Partner, SeaIntelligence Consulting
    Panellists include:
    • Valdemar Ehlers, Technical Director, Danish Maritime
    • Henrik Hvid Jensen, Head of Circular Economy Initiative, e.circular
    • Peter Andersen, CEO, GTT Analytics

Lars Jensen circle
Lars Jensen,
SeaIntelligence Consulting
Henrik Hvid Jensen,
Peter Anderson GTT
Peter Andersen,
GTT Analytics
Valdemar Ehlers,
Danish Maritime
Listen to 'The Industry Leaders Panel: Accelerating Digital Adoption' here:
  • Conclusions and Close of Conference
    Conclusions and Close of Conference 5.45 PM

Photo Gallery

Keynote speakers

Anette Dybdal Fenger, Director of Bus Intelligence & Development,
Danish Maritime Authority

Anette Dybdal Fenger has been a division chief at the Danish Maritime Authority since 2016. She has previously worked in a variety of roles for the Danish Business Agency, and also spent time as a company tax law specialist at the Danish Ministry of Taxation, focusing on company restructuring.

Christopher Rex,
Head of Innovation and Research,
Danish Ship Finance

Christopher Rex served as Chief Analyst of Danmarks Skibskredit A/S and has served as its Director since 2012. He has broad knowledge of macroeconomics, financial risk management and international shipping through his position as Head of Research with Danish Ship Finance.

Anton Rhodes,
Project Manager,

Anton Rhodes is a Project Manager within the IMO’s Marine Environment Division, responsible for implementing the European Union funded and IMO implemented Global MTCC Network (GMN) Project. Mr. Rhodes has 10 years experience as manager and team leader on global projects across the energy and transport sectors.

Steen Erik Larsen,
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions,
Maersk Technology

Steen Erik Larsen joined Maersk in 1984, and moved to Maersk Technology in 2011 after working in a variety of Maersk Business Units. Notable achievements include co-founding the Maersk Line e-commerce department in 2000 and established the Maersk Line Centre Customer Service function in 2007.

Joost van Ree,
Director Partner Relations,

Joost van Ree is Director of Partner Relations for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world’s largest cruise industry trade association. CLIA was established in 1975 and supports policies and practices that foster safe, secure, and sustainable development in the cruise sector.

Päivi Haikkola,
Head of ONE SEA,

Päivi Haikkola heads One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem, working towards an operating autonomous maritime ecosystem by 2025. The Finland-based collaboration project began in 2016, and aims to create an environment suitable for autonomous ships by 2025.

P. Michael A. Rodey,
Senior Innovation Manager,
A.P. Moller - Maersk

Senior Innovation Manager in A.P. Moller-Maersk. Has accountability for the strategic development, direction, and execution of global innovation programs across the entire Group.
He oversees a large portfolio of programs with a combined value of over 1.2 billion USD. Additionally heads the facilitation of the group innovation committee (comprised of all companywide CTOs) where all strategic technology decisions are made.

Michael Prehn,
Deputy Managing Director,
Danish Maritime

Danish Maritime's goal is to unite the Danish maritime industry further and to develop the organization from primarily focusing on shipyards to encompass the entire land-based maritime industry, especially raising its profile politically. This on-going process has resulted in a significant increase in members of Danish Maritime and a much clearer valuation among Danish decision-makers as to the value of the Danish maritime industry for Denmark.

Erik Christian Lund,
Managing Director, Trade & Transport Impact,

Erik Christian Lund heads up the corporate startup engagement programme “Trade and Transport Impact” at Rainmaking Innovation, facilitating change and innovation in the maritime, transport and supply chain industry. Erik comes with an extensive background from shipping and logistics, combined with many years in technology/telecom, working in the enterprise software space, strategy consultancy and IoT/digital security with stints as a startup.

Asbjørn Overgaard Christiansen,
Head of Innovation & Digitalization,
Danish Shipping

Asbjorn Christiansen has been heading the innovation and digitalization efforts of Danish Shipping since March 2018, as well as covering a temporary role as acting director for security, environment and maritime research since January 2019.

Dita Bruijn,
Director of Operations,
PortXchange, Port of Rotterdam

Making port calls more efficient & greener. Proven track record in shipping, operational excellence, digitalization, project management, change management and people leadership. Strategic thinker and able to put strategy into practice.

Peter Schroder,
Maersk Tankers

Has been applying new technology in industries across the world for more than 20 years, driven large scale transformation/disruption including how it effects business models and value creation. Specialties: Innovation, Applying New Technology (including A.I.), Venture Capital, M&A, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Management, New Media

Ashok Srinivasan,
Manager, Department of Maritime Technology & Regulation, (br> BIMCO

Responsible for coordinating BIMCO’s initiatives on a variety of technical and regulations related matters including ballast water management, biofouling, ship safety and e-navigation.
An experienced seafarer with 20 years in the maritime sector. Certified as a lead auditor and integrated marine auditor by LRQA (Lloyds Register Quality Assurance).

Ulf Siwe,
Communications Officer of the STM Validation Project,
Swedish Maritime Administration

Ulf joined the maritime world and the MONALISA 2.0 project in 2013. He has had leading roles within the Sea Traffic Management (STM) initiative and is currently project manager of STM BALT SAFE. Ulf is the author of several scientific papers on e-navigation and IT infrastructures, and a regular conference speaker.

Mark Simmonds,
Head of Policy & External Affairs,
British Ports Association

Before joining the BPA, Mark spent five years working for an MP in the House of Commons as a senior researcher and speechwriter, and previously worked at the Department for Transport and separately in a central role overseeing the Government’s Regional Development Agency strategy. He has also worked in a division of the Bank of New York Mellon in the US.

Neville Smith,
Director, Mariner Communications

Maritime Media Consultant to a roster of international shipping industry clients. Former maritime journalist with 16 years' experience reporting the shipping and marine insurance markets and former Deputy Editor at Lloyd's List.

Mike Powell,
Osprey Solutions

Mike Powell is the founder of Cardinal Point Marine, a maritime consultancy. An former solicitor and master mariner, his 35+ year career has seen him working with companies such as BP Shipping, Glencore's ST Shipping and Maersk Tankers.

Peter Andersen,
Board Member,
GTT Analytics

Peter Anderson a member of the board at GTT Analytics, and has 35 years of experience in maritime services, data and technology, specialising in commercial strategy, business development, and marketing.

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