IACS issues cyber recommendations

IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) reports that it has published nine of a planned 12 recommendations on cyber safety, with the aim of supporting the delivery of cyber resilient ship, and maintaining that resilience throughout the vessel lifecycle.

IACS initially addressed the subject of software quality with the publication of UR E22 in 2006, with these new recommendations reflecting the huge increase in the use of onboard cyber-systems since that time.

The documents aim to create a more complete understanding of the interplay between ship’s systems, and advise on how to protect against events beyond software errors, as well as guidance on response and recovery plans.

IACS says it has also convened a Joint Working Group (JWG) on Cyber Systems, which will work on identifying best practice and appropriate existing standards in risk and cyber security to develop a practical risk approach.

“These 12 Recommendations represent a significant mile-stone in addressing safety concerns related to cyber issues,” said IACS Chairman, Jeong-kie Lee of the Korean Register.

“IACS focus on Cyber Safety reflects our recognition that cyber systems are now as integral a part of a ships safety envelope as its structure and machinery and IACS is committed to providing industry with the necessary tools as part of our wider mission to deliver safer, cleaner, shipping.”

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