Havila Shipping to roll out data-driven energy management systems

Havila Shipping has agreed a deal with Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine to implement a new Energy Management System across nine vessels in its fleet, including four anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) ships, four platform supply vessels (PSV) and one rescue and recovery vessel (RRV).

The Energy Management System (EMS) was launched by Rolls-Royce in late 2017, as part of a package of vessel Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) products. The installations on Havila’s fleet are scheduled to be up and running, reporting fuel consumption trends, by the beginning of March.

EMS allows the ship’s crew to monitor the effect that running machinery has on fuel consumption in real time, in order to make any necessary operational changes to reduce the fuel requirement.

The system’s sensors assess fuel consumption against parameters like vessel speed, electrical load and the relationship between propeller pitch and RPM. Existing dynamic positioning (DP) sensors are also used to calculate external forces – such as wind speed and wave force – acting on the vessel.

The data collected from the sensors is encrypted and processed on board, and then any required reporting data is transmitted to a secure Rolls-Royce-hosted web portal, where more detailed historical analysis and comparisons can be carried out.

“For us, a key requirement was to find a crew-friendly solution to reducing fuel consumption. Our vessels operate various Rolls-Royce propulsion and machinery systems, so its Energy Management System is a perfect fit for us,” said Olav Haug Vikebakk, Deputy Managing Director, Havila Shipping.

“It is very simple to use and understand. The tool allows us to implement operational changes in real-time to immediately reduce fuel consumption and reduce unnecessary running hours on equipment like generators. This has a positive effect not only on our operations, from an environmental perspective, but also on the bottom line.”

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