Clarksons launches digital shipping platform

Clarksons has announced the launch of a new application platform incorporating a range of its existing digital tools as well as some new additions, to create what the company is calling an “end-to-end digital shipping platform.”

The new ‘Sea’ package of digital products includes modules such as Sea/Calc, Sea/Chat, Sea/Contracts, Sea/Gateway, Sea/Net, Sea/Ops and Sea/Share, all aiming to support different aspects of vessel operations management and improve sharing of data, while still keeping the systems integrated within a single platform.

Clarksons says that the group of applications should enable organisations to manage a fixture from start to finish by connecting market intelligence, execution, document management and performance monitoring in one place, with a single login.

Clarksons’ teaser video launching the Sea platfom
Product updates

Clarksons has adapted some of its existing digital products under the ‘Sea’ brand – the digital Clarksons Gateway, for example, an online portal providing direct access to operational fixture data, vessel positions gathered from satellite and land-based AIS services, as well as key performance indicators for vessels fixed with Clarksons, has now become Sea/Gateway.

Similarly, the company’s SeaNet online ship tracking system now becomes Sea/Net, while another existing Charter Party Manager tool (sold as Recap Manager in the tanker market) that was developed in 2017 should also be able to link with the platform.

The Charter Party Manager system was created by Maritech, at that time a software development subsidiary of Clarksons Cloud. Clarksons Cloud has now been renamed as Maritech Services Limited, and will be responsible for running the ‘Sea’ business – Clarksons says that Sea will be run as “a completely autonomous business; wholly separated from the Clarksons Group’s broking, banking, support and research operations.”

The platform will be available via desktop and on mobile devices, with the company having recently updated its existing mobile Seanet and Gateway apps, first launched in 2016, in preparation for the introduction of the new Sea brand.

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