Port-IT adds ‘Lite’ version of Orilla

Port-IT reports that it has launched a ‘Lite’ version of its Orilla service, used to manage cyber security and remote IT management for vessel networks.

Orilla Lite reduces the hardware and installation cost required relative to the full service, but maintains a core feature set containing two components: patch management and a remote desktop gateway.

The patch management system allows the user to update and patch the Operating Systems and applications used on board, while the remote desktop gateway feature facilitates shore-side connections to each of the devices used on board the vessel, using a variety of standard network protocols.

Centralised management of shipboard systems in this manner allows for better overall control, and supports a higher level of cyber security, Port-IT notes. The Orilla Lite system can be accessed using a web portal for the management of all included functionality, with no further infrastructure needed on board the vessel.

“Port-IT continually strives to improve its services and products to fit customers’ needs,” said Youri Hart, CEO of Port-IT.

“By listening closely to our customers, and staying updated on what’s happening in the industry, we have been able to translate market demands into the development of Orilla Lite.”

“With the launch of this new Orilla package, we are able to offer a reliable computer environment to smaller shipping companies that already have invested in their own hardware, yet (are) looking for ways to implement a solid cyber security and connectivity programme on their PCs onboard.”