Marlink to monitor for IT policy breaches with cyber upgrade

Marlink has added a new ‘IT Breach Policy’ monitoring option to its CyberGuard Detection service, designed to monitor for unauthorised network traffic as defined by the shipping company’s IT policy, and trigger an alert as soon as suspicious activity is detected.

The new module is an improvement to the existing monitoring of all outbound and inbound network traffic included in CyberGuard Detection.

Marlink says that this addition to the cyber protection service is the result of a collaborative design prgramme conducted in conjunction with its customers, which helped to identify new use cases and risk scenarios for vessel communications.

“Working with these customers has resulted in a very positive outcome, providing us with the information needed to develop a feature which is getting more and more sophisticated as it detects threats, which in turn can be resolved using the tools in the Marlink CyberGuard portfolio,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink.

“We thank the customers that supported us through this co-creation programme which has allowed us to release such a powerful solution for hunting-down threats and abnormalities before they harm a ship’s operation, while also focusing on crew internet usage, which has been shown to be a primary contributor to successful cyber-attacks at sea.”  

The CyberGuard Detection service identifies approximately 50 different threat categories, such as malicious applications, intrusion attempts, confirmed intrusions, abusive usage and social engineering, providing real-time actionable alerts and access to countermeasures via a Cyber Dashboard.

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