Navis and Loginno to partner on ‘smart’ container project

Navis has announced a new strategic cooperation with IoT firm Loginno which will see the firms work together on the development of ‘smart container’ technologies.

The goal of the tie-up is to provide greater container visibility at the terminal, on the vessel journey and onwards inland, by connecting Loginno sensors to data from Navis’ software systems to provide shippers with more context on the location and condition of container cargo across the supply chain.

Loginno has already been involved in smart container development via its Contopia (Container Utopia) project, partnering with shipping companies to convert container fleets to IoT-enabled data miners, mining cargo and voyage data through a shipping container ‘brain’.

As part of the initiative Loginno and its partners will select one shipping company from the project whose entire container fleet will be digitalised during 2019.

“We see tremendous value in creating a major Contopia use case with Navis and the world’s first digital shipping company, leveraging Navis’ deep knowledge of TOS, stowage planning systems and operational processes for carriers and terminals and our cutting-edge smart container technology,” said Shachar Tal, founder of Loginno.

“Through the added context from Navis to the Contopia scenario, terminals, carriers and shippers will have more accurate data to make operational decisions about the movement of the cargo, thereby saving costs and improving each constituent’s operations.”

The shipping container ‘brain’ sensors are fitted to replace one vent of the container, and measure cargo conditions as well as the container’s location and external surroundings.

Data from these sensors will be combined with Navis’ own data to provide an overall picture of the condition and movement of the freight, its actual versus planned arrival, and critical events such as when a container has been damaged, when it actually is available for pick-up, or when it is on customs hold.

“This cooperation is in line with Navis’ continuing vision of supporting the end-to-end container flow through innovation,” said Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer, Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation.

“Through our Navis SMART initiative and this new cooperation with Loginno, we hope to open a new door to more real-time data analytics in ocean shipping and explore more use cases for applying intelligence to the container, and unlock Contopia.”

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