DP2 functionality added to ABB Ability Marine Pilot Control

ABB reports that it has added dynamic positioning 2 (DP2) functionality to its ABB Ability Marine Pilot Control system, which provides joystick control for manoeuvring at all times, including around the berth.

The system features model predictive control, built around predicting where the vessel will be in 5-30 seconds instead of measuring its position on arrival. Software algorithms calculate the optimum decisions to take across the operational profile, depending on how the operator has prioritised speed, manoeuvrability or other parameters.

Integrating DP2 functionality with the Marine Pilot Control system will add redundancy in technical design, ensuring that in the event of a single system fault the vessel’s position will be maintained, ABB says.

“Integrating DP2 capabilities into ABB Ability Marine Pilot Control underpins ABB’s commitment to a stepwise journey towards autonomous operations,” said Mikko Lepistö, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions at ABB Marine & Ports.

“Our intelligent manoeuvring and control system, now at the disposal of all types of DP2 vessels, provides seafarers with technologies that enhance their skillsets and support conning decisions.”

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