Fleet-wide intelligent engine performance software launched by ABB

ABB Turbocharging reports that it has upgraded its ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT digital platform to now provide insight into engine performance on a fleet-wide scale.

Data and analytics are accessible via a web portal interface, from fleet to vessel level, with all key indicators available within the dashboard.

The new system incorporates all of the standard features found in the original Tekomar XPERT application, but adds fleet functionality specifically developed to support middle and top management decision making by facilitating benchmarking and ranking of engines, vessels and fleets.

When installed on every vessel in a fleet, the software can quantify deviations in engine performance and provide guidance on how to engines at optimum levels of efficiency, as well as offering recommended corrective actions for potential fuel oil savings.

Performance deviations are converted to a ‘fuel penalty’ within the system, which is broken down with reference to individual parameters. For each parameter there is a recommended action to bring the performance back to optimum, and consequently save fuel.

“Tekomar XPERT for fleet makes keeping an overview on engine performance an easy undertaking for fleet managers, ship operators and owners. This smart digital solution with the newly introduced Engine Health Index offers marine customers an instant overview of their entire fleet,” said Beat Güttinger, Head of Tekomar for ABB Turbocharging.

“Whether an operator oversees five ships or many more across an international fleet, they can benchmark their fleets, ships and engines and quickly drill down into more details to identify potential low performers or late reporters.”

“Tekomar XPERT for fleet takes away the time consuming analysis of engine performance and allows operators to immediately focus on fixing problems to reduce fuel consumption, and minimises downtime and maintenance costs.”

The application can be used with any marine main and auxiliary engine, irrespective of manufacturer, type, age or size. There is no hardware to install, and the software can be integrated into a shipping company’s existing IT system, accessible via PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

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