OOCL to roll out stowage planning optimisation software


Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has agreed a deal to roll out the Navis stowage planning software StowMan across its container ship fleet, to be used in improving stowage planning for the company’s vessels.

Hong-Kong-based OOCL currently operates a fleet of more than 100 container vessels ranging between 21,400 and 2,900 TEU, with planning managed by stowage planners based in strategic planning regions. The multifunctional stowage operation system provided by StowMan will support these planners in optimising their results for fleet utilisation, based on improved data visibility.

StowMan integrates stability and stress calculation data, slot definitions and lashing requirements, as well as dangerous goods segregation and stowage rules produced by the onboard MACS3 loading computer, which parts of the OOCL fleet are already equipped with.

Planners share the same view on stowage-relevant key performance indicators as the crew has access to on board, supporting optimisation of the cargo load and trim based on accurate vessel profile information.

“We are encouraged by the growing momentum of ocean carriers leveraging our technology,” said Bruce Jacquemard, Chief Customer Officer at Navis.

“Customers using StowMan have been able to achieve record stows, proving the value (of) our product development strategy promises. Based on accurate vessel profile information, a comprehensive scope of relevant planning functionalities and the incorporation of latest regulation updates, users will be able to achieve the next level of productivity.”

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