40-vessel remote access VDR upgrade for Intership Navigation

Cyprus-based Intership Navigation is to upgrade the VDR equipment on 40 vessels, adding new remote data access capabilities as it replaces its existing systems.

The ships will install DM100 VDRs and S-VDRs from Danelec Marine following the agreement of a new contract, with the roll out to be supported by local Danelec partner Raytec Marine. The entire upgrade project is expected to be completed by 31 December, 2020.

Installations will include set-up of a remote data access system connected to the VDR, allowing for downloads of VDR data to shore in case of an incident. Remote Pre-APT (Annual Performance Tests) as well as remote configuration updates will also be enabled by the new system.

The onboard equipment will additionally be linked to a Cloud-based dashboard application allowing for monitoring of equipment connected to the VDR from the company’s offices.

“Our choice of vendor was based on an analysis showing that Danelec equipment gave us the lowest cost of ownership and maximum return of investment,” said Dieter Rohdenburg, CEO, Intership Navigation.

“The elements forming part of the TCO analysis were price, total product lifetime, product quality (highest MTBF in the industry), ease of installation, SWAP technology, remote diagnostics feature, extensive global service network, lifetime support and maintenance cost savings.”

“Danelec’s Remote Management Tool enables instant access to the vessel’s VDR from a PC on shore for transfer and replay of recorded VDR data in case of an incident or emergency situation. For the mandatory VDR Annual Performance Tests (APT), access can be provided to a VDR service technician in order to perform diagnostics of the system or to run a pre-APT test while the vessel is at sea, speeding up the actual APT when the ship arrives in port.”

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