Speedcast to provide multi-tech connectivity package to Color Line

Speedcast has agreed a new multi-year communications contract with Color Line for the provision of combined satcom and GSM services to the newest addition to the company’s cargo service fleet, the Color Carrier.

Color Line is Norway’s largest cruiseferry company, and operates Color Carrier on the route between Oslo, Norway, and Kiel, Germany.

“The Speedcast solution enables us to use the best available link at any given location in our sailing route to cover our operational needs,” said Anders Angell-Olsen, Chief Technology Officer at Color Line.

“This is an important feature of our onboard communications system, since we depend on connectivity for ship tracking, safety and security and guest experience on all of our routes. The introduction of 4G/LTE as the main link is efficient and reliable, which is a good match for requirements onboard Color Carrier.”

The new communications service to be provided by Speedcast will offer 4G/LTE services in conjunction with VSAT and Iridium Certus links. Dual tracking LTE and multiple omni-directional antennas will be provided to increase the range of connectivity from the various onboard options.

“With the combination of tracking LTE antennas and omni-directional LTE antennas supported by an SD WAN solution, we are able to demonstrate nearly 100% coverage from LTE/4G connectivity on the sailing route for the Color Carrier,” said Brent Horwitz, Speedcast’s SVP of Cruise and Ferry.

“Combined with reliable backup from VSAT and Iridium Certus L-band, Speedcast is able to provide robust and seamless connectivity covering the needs of Color Line’s corporate operations, as well as onboard crew and passengers at sea. The solution implements the latest technology innovations to achieve fast, low-latency communications.”

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