OneWeb secures Ku-band spectrum rights

OneWeb has announced that it has succeeded in bringing into use its spectrum rights in the Ku- and Ka-band by maintaining transmissions at the designated frequencies in the correct orbit for more than 90 days, meeting its requirements under ITU (International Telecommunication Union) rules and regulations.

OneWeb says that these rights will now be confirmed when the UK administration, responsible for filing the company’s satellite system with the ITU, completes the required Notification and Registration process for the company’s LEO (low Earth orbit) network.

“Spectrum is a scarce resource and the ITU plays a vital role in the global management for access,” said Ruth Pritchard-Kelly, Vice President of Regulatory for OneWeb.

“The harsh reality for anyone trying to make a real impact on global connectivity is that no matter how good your network is, success is not possible without the right spectrum. With our spectrum now in use, OneWeb has proved it can bring together all the elements required – in space, on the ground, and in between – to change the face of connectivity everywhere.”

OneWeb plans to have commercial satellite services and full global coverage in place by 2021, with its programme progressing at pace following the successful launch of its first six satellites in February and the opening of a new satellite manufacturing facility earlier this month.

During the remainder of 2019, OneWeb plans to focus on proceeding with its monthly launch programme of more than 30 satellites per month, to build an initial constellation of 650 satellites on its way to a larger 1,980 satellite constellation.

The first phase of the constellation will provide global coverage, with the further additions focused on adding capacity to meet growing customer demands, the company says.

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