Lars Thrane Certus terminal announced

Lars Thrane has become the newest Iridium Certus terminal manufacturer, joining Cobham and Thales, with the announcement of a new LT-4200 maritime satcom system designed for low-bandwidth users up to 176 Kbps over Iridium’s L-band network. 

The terminal could also be used as a safety back-up to a higher-bandwidth connectivity service, having been designed to support Iridium’s future Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) services, in addition to other regulatory safety and security requirements for Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) and the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS).

“The Iridium Certus 200 service class addresses a very specific market niche in the maritime industry, but that niche includes a large number of vessels such as commercial fishing boats, workboats, coastal shipping and leisure craft,” said Wouter Deknopper, Vice President & General Manager, maritime line of business at Iridium.

“The new LT-4200 from Lars Thrane is a smaller, lighter, faster and cost-competitive option when compared to the closest alternative in the market. As a result, Iridium and our partners are once again bringing a new and superior option to the maritime industry.”