Viking Line to heat up onboard internet with microwaves

Ferry operator Viking Line has agreed a deal with AecorLink AB for the provision of internet on board its ferries using microwave technology connected to on-shore base stations.

Viking Line has already implemented the new technology on the cruise ferry Viking Grace, which has used the service since May of this year on a route from Stockholm to Turku. The system will now be rolled out to the rest of the fleet, with the shore-based infrastructure to be expanded to provide full coverage on the ships’ routes between Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

AecorLink will work with its partner Specto Remote on managing the service and the installation programme.

“Viking Line is for us a high-profile client, with a renowned name in the maritime ferry industry, so it is of course a fantastic opportunity helping Viking Line becoming even more competitive. To participate and to deliver this network where we and everyone can see this vast demand is extremely motivating,” said Ulf Harderup, AecorLink.

“We know the invaluable difference it makes offering passengers access to high speed broadband with low latency. AecorLink has for many years refined its innovative, ship to shore, seamless microwave technology. We have today the most stable solution with unbeaten capacity over the longest distances in the business.”

“The new coverage between Sweden, Finland and Estonia is now in place, designed for many more clients to easily access it at very reasonable terms.”

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