AAL rolls out e-mail collaboration platform

Breakbulk and heavy lift operator AAL has agreed a deal to implement the SEDNA e-mail and team collaboration platform across its entire office network in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania and the Middle East.

Implementation involved consolidation of multiple standalone systems into a single, Cloud-based platform that could be accessed by teams across the world, the company says.

“Before SEDNA, AAL operated multiple platforms to deal with incoming e-mail and convert cargo enquiries into processable data. We were using two e-mail systems concurrently and an on-premise solution that was proving inefficient in keeping up with our growth curve and volume of inquiries we were handling daily,” said Christophe Grammare, AAL’s Commercial Director.

“We were in the market for a single collaborative e-mail solution and became aware of SEDNA, knowing other industry stakeholders already using the system. We wanted a harmonised and adaptable Cloud-based system that could process and archive large quantities of e-mail in an efficient, organised manner and help us optimise our customer response times and overall service efficiency.”

The new system will allow e-mail and related data to be shared between teams without individuals having to forward messages, automatically tracking and displaying who has read and commented on each e-mail.

The software also features an e-mail tagging algorithm to improve the speed of identification and retrieval of previous messages stored in the system.

“In our experience, chartering and operations teams find traditional e-mail systems lack the functionality and processing capability to efficiently distil and disseminate large volumes of data to complete tasks or provide deeper insights into the performance of individuals,” said Dan James, Product Director at SEDNA.

“Our goal is to provide a solution that enables teams within large global organisations like AAL to stay connected and optimise their productivity.”

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