Network virtualisation system launched by RH Marine

RH Marine has introduced a new vessel automation network system based on virtualisation technologies to reduce equipment maintenance requirements, building on technology originally developed for the Royal Dutch Navy.

The Integrated Virtualized System Architecture (IVSA) offering has been launched following two years of research and development, and provides an onboard computer network to which applications for the bridge, engine room, CCTV, Alarm Monitoring and Control System (ACMS) or power management systems can be connected.

The goal is to reduce the number of physical computers and servers required on the ship, allowing computer power to be shared and minimising the number of repairs and spare parts required.

“Due to the virtualised technology the software runs on the server, not on numerous computers. Instead of, let’s say, 40 computers and dozens of stacked servers, you only need a few servers,” said Marcel Vermeulen, RH Marine.

“Every screen you plug in to connect with the LAN-network becomes a workstation. That can be on the bridge, in the engine room or every other selected spot on the vessel. On every workstation you can do everything.”

In case of workstation failure, all software applications are immediately operational on another station, allowing the operator to continue working at a new location instead of waiting for hardware or software repairs. Upgrades can also be applied for all applications using a single USB stick in the main server.

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