Intellian introduces new low and high bandwidth antenna options

The 1.5m Intellian GX150NX

Intellian has launched a range of new antennas for both L-band and VSAT users, with the addition of new Fleet One and FleetBroadband 250 (FB250) terminals for lower bandwidth requirements, as well as a first 1.5m Fleet Xpress unit aimed at multi-megabit users in high bandwidth market segments.

The L-band systems support IP connectivity, digital voice and SMS, with the newly developed FB250 also compatible with GSM networks, to allow ships to connect to 3G and LTE networks where available.

The terminals include built-in Wi-Fi access points to allow smartphones and other devices to connect directly, while PoE (Power over Ethernet) equipped Ethernet ports eliminate the need to use an additional adaptor for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone handsets.

“With global L-band services continuing to play a vital role in enabling voice and data communication on leisure and commercial vessels, as well as acting as reliable secondary channels for primary VSAT, it’s important that we continue to apply our antenna expertise to deliver the best performance and richest feature-set in this sector,” said Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian.

“We have achieved this with our new Fleet One and FB250 terminals, whether used as the sole communications antenna on board or, for FB250, as part of an easy to install and manage Global Xpress package, or for integration with onshore cellular networks.”

The new Fleet One and FB250 units are expected to be granted Inmarsat type approval and made commercially available early in 2020, Intellian says.

On the VSAT side, the Korean antenna manufacturer has developed a new 1.5m GX150NX Ka-band antenna, which it says will be the largest terminal available for the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service following type approval and sea trials, also expected in 2020.

The antenna features a 10W BUC, to target high bandwidth satcom users like cruise and passenger ships and larger offshore vessels, and can be installed with a single coaxial cable combining Tx, Rx, and DC power.

The GX150NX also introduces a new ‘All-in-One’ GX Below Deck Terminal (BDT), which integrates an antenna control unit (ACU), a modem, a power supply, a 4-port switch, and a mediator in a single unit.

“The GX150NX will be our flagship antenna for the Global Xpress network, and will be the largest available in the world today,” said Mr Sung.

“This makes it an ideal solution for users in the offshore energy sector or passenger market, where reliable, high quality connectivity is in demand as a way to achieve sustainability in business, as well as for the environment.”

In related news, Intellian has also announced that it has signed a new strategic partnership with Japan Radio Co. (JRC), which will see the companies work together in the mutual provision of satellite terminals and technologies, and may additionally include joint development of new systems in the future.

“Our cooperation will broaden the market for both brands, allowing us to serve our combined customer bases across a wider range of applications. By sharing our expertise and experience, Intellian and JRC will provide a range of products and services which are second to none,” said Mr Sung.

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