Høglund and DNV GL agree Big Data MoU

(l-r) Jon Rysst, DNV GL, with Børge Nova, Høglund Marine Solutions

Høglund Marine Solutions and DNV GL have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on gathering and exporting ‘Big Data’ from ships, with the goal of applying Høglund’s existing expertise in collecting data via onboard automation systems to a wider range of datasets.

Høglund Marine Solutions provides marine automation, gas handling and power systems for a variety of vessel types, for both retrofit and newbuild projects.

“The digital transformation of shipping is finally happening and opens the door to many long sought-after advantages and necessary progress,” said Børge Nova, CEO of Høglund Marine Solutions.

“For many years, Høglund has pointed to the lack of consistency in ship specifications on how important data shall be made available for all stakeholders.”

“By combining Høglund’s expertise in how to create, standardise and export data through a vessel’s integrated automation systems with DNV GL’s industry knowledge and independent role we can provide owners and operators with a more accurate overview of a ship’s performance and compliance with regulations.” 

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