Marlink expands remote support capabilities for bridge equipment

Marlink subsidiary Telemar has expanded the Group’s remote vessel support capabilities with the launch of a new BridgeLink Smart Maintenance Application, which the company says can be used to reduce down-time and increase the efficiency of onboard bridge electronics hardware.

The BridgeLink set-up requires the bridge equipment on the ship to be connected within a standardised data structure on a dedicated secure Local Area Network, which allows the systems to be remotely accessed via the BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App.

As well as assisting in troubleshooting efforts, Telemar says that it can also use the data collected to assist operators in optimising asset lifecycles and improving the efficiency of their equipment, as well as providing performance analysis and data collection for site surveys.

“BridgeLink will dramatically enhance our efficiency in servicing our customers’ needs in terms of bridge electronics maintenance. It allows our technical team, remotely and in real time, to access the equipment on board the ship, run specific fault-finding diagnostics, update software and analyse working efficiency,” said Giorgio Santantonio, General Manager, Telemar Italy.

“If we are not able to fix a fault remotely, the subsequent on-board service attendance can be arranged more effectively with the required spare parts for a drastically improved first-time-fix success rate.”

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