ClassNK outlines 2030 digital strategy

Classification Society ClassNK has announced the launch of its ‘Digital Grand Design 2030’ programme, outlining its strategy to incorporate advances in digital technologies into its operations over the next decade.

The strategy is built around three pillar policies – the first of these is a focus on improving safety and efficiency by providing classification services that better integrate data utilisation, such as the use of condition monitoring and evaluation technologies in survey systems and the creation of individual ship charts.

The second policy will see ClassNK diversify beyond certification services and expand the scope of its activities using the new tools that are coming available, with a focus on ocean-related businesses and integrated onshore and offshore logistics services.

The final policy pillar within the strategy will see the society pursue projects around social innovation driven by digital technology, with an eye on the environmental implications of further development.

“ClassNK aims to support the evolution of ocean-related business by meeting new needs from smarter logistics brought about by digital technology and data distribution, and by contributing to the further improvement of safety,” said Dr Toshiro Arima, Corporate Officer and General Manager of ClassNK’s Digital Transformation Center.

“To realise its digital grand design and smoothly incorporate new technologies, we will cultivate advanced human resources who have not only specialised knowledge, but also knowledge of digital technology, and develop our accumulated information and know-how.”

ClassNK says that it is now working on a new business plan based on the above policies, which will be condensed into a roadmap to be announced at a later date.

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