Intellian begins production of OneWeb satcom antennas

Intellian and OneWeb have signed a new deal which will see the Korean satellite antenna company manufacture user terminals for use on the OneWeb low Earth orbit (LEO) VSAT network, formalising a partnership first announced in 2019.

Under the terms of the agreement Intellian will now begin production of a range of terminal types, for enterprise as well as maritime markets, with new units expected to be available for delivery and installation on ships in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The Intellian OneWeb user terminal design has already been evaluated in a preliminary test setup, the companies note, successfully connecting with OneWeb’s existing LEO satellites in orbit and carrying data traffic.

“Intellian is excited to be moving into the production phase with the signing of this contract, which represents a significant milestone for both Intellian and OneWeb in our joint partnership to deliver connectivity around the planet. We have seen, in real life testing, how our Intellian technology and OneWeb’s network will change lives,” said Eric Sung, President and CEO, Intellian Technologies.

The new contract also incorporates an option to potentially adapt existing Intellian NX series terminals to operate on the OneWeb LEO constellation in the future.

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