SES to provide managed satcom services for De Boer Marine

Dutch company De Boer Marine has agreed a deal with SES Networks to begin delivering managed data services on the SES Skala Global Platform to its international maritime customers.

The satellite-based system will allow De Boer Marine and its fleet operators to apply flexible bandwidth management services and automatic beam switching to optimise the efficiency of their communications as required, the companies said.

The Skala Global Platform provides a combination of ground system technology, satellite connectivity and service lifecycle support to allow providers to offer managed data services for commercial shipping companies.

“De Boer Marine requires the highest quality end-to-end service to support a global customer fleet,” said Morten Hagland Hansen, Vice President, Global Sales for Commercial Maritime & Energy at SES Networks.

“Through connectivity and ground system technology powered by SES Networks, they’ll be able to enjoy a faster and more reliable end-to-end service than ever before – removing any connectivity barriers for their operations both on vessels and on shore.”

“We’re delighted to partner with De Boer Marine to enable reliable managed data services that have become vital for efficient shipping operations today.” 

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