Dutch shipping companies launch maritime community app

A consortium of Dutch shipping companies has launched a new Learning & Intelligence Support App (LISA) for the maritime industry, an online community for shipping professionals to share knowledge and ideas.

The app was created by Boomsma Shipping, JR Shipping Group and Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, working with technology company 1 OCEAN. The app is available now for iOS and Android from the relevant app stores.

The app has been launched just five months after the project won an SME Idea Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, though it will be augmented with new features over time, the creators note.

“We are proud to be part of this project. Sharing knowledge and asking for help is so valuable in these uncertain times. Especially today,” said Johan Boomsma, Managing Partner, Boomsma Shipping.

“Our company has shown for over 50 years that you can reach new destinations by abandoning old courses. LISA is a new course.”

Approximately 50 companies have already used the app to participate in weekly online ‘Mastermind Groups’ meetings to share experiences, insights and knowledge, the partners claim.

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