DCSA releases latest Track & Trace standard update

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) has announced the release of version 1.2 of its Track & Trace Interface Standards for container tracking, adding a new push model for data distribution.

The new feature aims to allow container customers to subscribe to updates about their shipments and have updated Track & Trace data sent directly to them, making it easier to track the location of their cargo.

In addition to the push notifications, Interface Standards release 1.2 includes three other updates. One is the inclusion of ‘Event Type’ to the ‘Event’ outputs included in the standard. This parameter is used to differentiate between event types such as Shipment, Equipment, Transport and Transport Equipment.

The other two changes will see ‘Mode of Transport’ added to ‘Transport Event’ and ‘Transport Equipment Event’ outputs, and a change to the ‘Booking Reference’ identifier for shipments to make it an optional output within the ‘Event’ parameter.

Track & Trace API definitions reflecting these changes will be published on Swaggerhub in late May or early June, DCSA says.

The Track & Trace Standards were first published by the Association in January of this year, and are available for free for industry stakeholders to download and apply to their own operations.

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