Navis agrees deal with two maritime start-ups

Navis has announced a new tie-up with two maritime industry start-ups, confirming that it will integrate technologies from both i4sea and Teqplay with Navis Smart Suite to improve its port call planning and optimisation capabilities for terminal operators.

The memorandum of understanding with the two firms comes on the heels of a successful joint business project completed at the Rainmaking Trade & Transport Impact programme in Autumn 2019, which gathered global start-ups and corporations to work on maritime, trade and transport challenges.

i4sea’s product i4cast provides forecast data for weather, ocean and vessel dynamics related restrictions for port calls, with the aim of allowing higher and safer utilisation of berths and sea passages.

Teqplay provides port call event tracking and visibility systems, including ETA information, to improve planning and communication with relevant stakeholders around a port call.

Both systems are expected to provide complementary features for the Navis Berth Window Management service, a Cloud-based product used by terminal operators to plan and optimise berth utilisation.

“The berthing process is one of the most important stages in maritime logistics. Yet its inefficient management can have a great impact on finances, not only of the terminals but also of the rest of the stakeholders involved, especially the carriers,” said Ajay Bharadwaj, Senior Product Management Director at Navis.

“As part of the Navis Smart Vessel Planning suite, our berth window management solution supports terminals and their customers in eliminating uncertainty when planning the berth schedule of a vessel. This enables the maximisation of berth space, the increase of throughput and the reduction of cost per move.”

“The solutions from i4sea and Teqplay complement what we already provide as a leading solution, and through this engagement we can continue to improve service to our customers.”

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