KVH adds remote access capabilities to shipboard IoT portfolio

KVH has announced that it is expanding its VSAT-based Internet of Things (IoT) services for ships, adding remote monitoring and real-time intervention from shore for shipboard systems and equipment.

KVH’s Watch IoT Connectivity as a Service product, introduced last year, provides maritime equipment manufacturers or related stakeholders with access to data from onboard equipment, via a dedicated terminal that provides an independent, air-gapped data flow separate from the vessel’s primary satellite communications system.

The new services to be added to this product include Remote Expert Intervention, a video collaboration application optimised for satellite and designed to enable on-demand remote support sessions between vessels at sea and experts on shore.

The system is designed to allow technicians to offer real-time guidance to onboard crew for troubleshooting, repair and identification of replacement parts, as and when it is required during operations at sea.

“By using deep sea transit time, Remote Expert Intervention goes well beyond simply monitoring the performance of onboard equipment,” said Sven-Eric Brooks, KVH’s Senior Director for IoT Business Development.

“It enables maritime equipment manufacturers to take action and provide real-time support via video, voice, and text, even when the equipment is on a vessel in the middle of the ocean.”

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