Uni-Tankers to upgrade VDRs to support remote vessel data access

Danish shipping company Uni-Tankers has begun an upgrade programme to install new VDRs on a selection of its vessels, to enable better remote management of the ships from its shore offices. 

Uni-Tankers will work with Danelec Marine to implement its latest VDR technology, utilising conversion kits specifically developed by Danelec to reduce installation time. The kits include specific sets of hardware and data interfaces for more than 40 different VDR models, to speed up the switch to the new equipment. 

“The VDR is a mission-critical piece of equipment. If a VDR fails and is unable to continue recording data, the port state control authorities may decide that the vessel is not allowed to move on, thereby putting the vessel out of operation,” said Keld Nielsen, Marine Manager at Uni-Tankers. 

“With the new VDRs from Danelec Marine, we not only expect significant cost savings, but even more critical we expect to prevent failures as well as sudden and costly operational breakdowns.”

As part of the upgrade agreement, Uni-Tankers also plans to retrofit a number of Vessel Remote Server (VRS) modules to start proactively using the VDR data for the remote management and optimisation of connected vessels, using the DanelecConnect service. 

The first VDR retrofit of Uni-Tankers’ fleet has now been completed, on the vessel M/T Endelo Swan at the Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn, Denmark. 

“Due to the tailor-made retrofit kit, the conversion to the new Danelec Marine VDR went smoothly and efficiently with a minimum of downtime,” said Michael Sejrup Villadsen, Nautical Superintendent at Uni-Tankers. 

“Product reliability and a highly efficient manufacturer service network are key factors for Uni-Tankers, and Danelec Marine is the best in the industry. We look forward to the continued rollout of our retrofit programme.” 

The upgrade process is expected to be completed by May 2021, with retrofits conducted in dry dock or when vessels are in operation, and will take place both in Europe and the USA. 

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