Seagull and Videotel launch seafarer cyber wellness programme

Maritime e-learning providers Seagull Maritime and Videotel, sister companies within Ocean Technologies Group, have jointly launched a new title called ‘Cyber Wellness’ designed to assist seafarers in managing their digital wellbeing while working at sea.

The course aims to guide crewmembers in monitoring and controlling their screen time when using online services to avoid increased fatigue and lower concentration levels when on duty, which may adversely affect performance.

The course also has a mental health focus, with the developers noting that excessive use of the internet may also result in less time spent socialising with colleagues, which can heighten feelings of isolation and loneliness.

At a little under 8 minutes running time, the programme has been produced with a millennial audience in mind using production techniques designed to engage this target demographic, the companies said.

“This new programme is very timely as internet use at sea is increasing exponentially, especially during these uncertain times. Whilst connectivity is clearly a big positive, it is important that online use is managed properly and that personal devices don’t become addictive and detrimental to mental wellbeing,” adds Raal Harris, MD of Videotel and Creative Director of Ocean Technologies Group.

“By following the key principles outlined in this programme, seafarers will achieve a healthy balance between their on-device and real-world interactions.”

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