Kongsberg Digital and ABB in edge data collaboration agreement for engine diagnostics

(l-r) Hege Skryseth, Kongsberg Digital and Cristian Corotto, ABB Turbocharging

Kongsberg Digital and ABB Turbocharging report that they have signed a new cooperation agreement to work together on a common data infrastructure for vessel edge data collection and ship engine performance analysis.

The agreement will enable ABB Turbocharging to use Kongsberg Digital’s existing ship-to-cloud Vessel Insight data infrastructure and Kognifai ecosystem to connect its own digital offerings, allowing data to be exchanged between cloud platforms and supporting remote automated diagnostics on vessel engines.

Continuous performance evaluation functionality has recently been added to ABB’s Ability Tekomar XPERT advisory software for vessel engines, which will allow time-series engine data to be transferred between platforms as required.

“Partnerships between major players are key in bringing about high value digital solutions to the maritime sector at a lower cost and faster pace,” said Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

“With Kongsberg Digital and ABB working together to increase the value offering to customers, we can deliver an even more attractive return on investment to vessel owners and operators. We are excited about working together with ABB Turbocharging and our customers to accelerate their digitalisation journey.”

It is hoped that the partnership will pave the way for further automation of onboard systems, connecting with vessel sensors and allowing data to more easily be shared with OEMs and other parties to generate value for the vessel operator while reducing the workload for the crew.

“This collaboration between two players driving maritime digitalisation will take our customers further, faster,” said Cristian Corotto, Vice President Digital Customer Solutions, ABB Turbocharging.

“Our goal is to empower ship owners and operators to extract the maximum value from their engine data. This cooperation will help to deliver the tools and insights needed to make their vessel operations better, their fleet management more efficient and their businesses more profitable and sustainable.”

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