Chevron Shipping begins move to ‘Smart’ predictive maintenance

Chevron Shipping Company has begun a digital shift in its fleet management operations having been granted its first ‘Smart’ notation from classification society ABS, for its Suezmax lightering vessel Pegasus Voyager.

The ship is the first vessel in Chevron’s fleet to receive the SMART-MHM (Machinery Health Monitoring) maintenance optimisation notation, with the Polaris Voyager in line to receive the notation soon. Other vessels in the Chevron fleet are expected to be added to this list over time.

The Pegasus Voyager is the first ABS-classed vessel to qualify for the SMART-MHM notation, the society said, which will allow ABS and Chevron to align maintenance strategies for the vessel (and subsequent vessels) to specific condition-based survey approaches.

Chevron’s ultimate goal with the project is to move its fleet of 28 vessels to a condition-based maintenance system supported by digital tools. The vessel operator’s Asset Integrity division is working with the ABS Digital Solutions team on new strategies to improve risk management, streamline the class interface and increase asset availability.

“We value the opportunity to partner with ABS and further utilise the investment Chevron Shipping has made with predictive maintenance tools,” said Steve Brady, Asset Integrity Manager, Chevron Shipping.

“The ABS Smart Function approved technology provided by the DEI Group is installed on twenty of Chevron’s vessels and clearly demonstrating value. The system provides visibility into equipment health that is unavailable with any other monitoring systems allowing us to quickly identify and act on degrading conditions.”

“Not only do these tools make our vessels more reliable, but they also reduce our costs by avoiding expensive equipment failures.”

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