Kongsberg lands JAWS with Shell agreement

Kongsberg Maritime has signed an agreement with Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited to add Shell’s draft and trim optimisation software, Just Add Water System (JAWS), to its K-IMS range of specialised applications.

The JAWS software uses historic high-frequency data from the vessel to determine the optimal conditions on previous voyages, which enables the system to advise on how best to enhance a vessel’s draft and trim at any given speed to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions.

JAWS also monitors and reports live fuel and emissions savings back to managers, to give real-time insight into the benefits of deploying this technology across a fleet.

The new deal between the two companies will allow the approximately 200 LNG clients who are already using K-IMS to have immediate access to JAWS, while also opening up the software to any new Kongsberg Maritime customers in the future.

“We are looking forward to seeing JAWS and K-IMS contributing significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs for both vessel owners and charterers,” said Egil Haugsdal, President, Kongsberg Maritime.

“The agreement between our companies sets an encouraging example to the industry, showing how shipping can become greener through close collaboration between different actors in the market, contributing to the creation of sustainable, value solutions which benefit everyone.”

“From day one, the teamwork between Shell and Kongsberg Maritime has been of an excellent standard, and we are very excited to be kicking off this programme.”

The JAWS technology was developed by Shell in conjunction with the University of Southampton in the UK and has been deployed on approximately 50 ships so far. Shell says it is looking to further increase deployment of the software on its own LNG fleet, starting with a further 20 vessels this year.

“Regardless of the different pathways to decarbonisation, efficiency technologies will be the foundation for a decarbonised shipping industry. JAWS is a low cost, quick to deploy software that can deliver fuel savings and emissions reductions today,” said Grahaeme Henderson, Global Head of Shell Shipping & Maritime.

“We have achieved up to a 7% reduction in emissions on our own ships using the software and, working with Kongsberg Maritime, we hope to see JAWS implemented across the industry.”

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