Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy adds Cloud Simulation training

Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy has taken delivery of a new Cloud Simulation system from Wärtsilä, including a combination of navigational, engine room and liquid cargo handling simulators for digital seafarer training.

The online installation was deployed in early July, the companies said, allowing the Academy to continue providing training courses despite ongoing social distancing and travel restrictions. The addition of the online installations of the NTPro and TechSim simulators will also broaden the simulation-based training portfolio available at the facility.

“We are very pleased to have this next-generation of blended-learning solutions delivered by Wärtsilä Voyage,” said Capt. Clive Hotham, Head of Marine Short Courses and Simulator, Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy.

“The bespoke training that this solution allows us to deliver will undeniably enhance the training experience of our students. The Wärtsilä Voyage distance learning application will surely open up many new training opportunities inside and outside the physical classroom.”

The Cloud Simulation set-up allows training to be provided beyond the boundaries of the physical classroom over the internet. Remote access to the training programmes will allow students and instructors to log into various simulation models on their personal devices, without the need for specific Wärtsilä software.

Both the TechSim and NTPro platforms in the cloud provide a classroom configuration with trainer and multiple student stations, Wärtsilä said.

“We are excited to be at the leading edge of this technology in the maritime industry and enable trainees to acquire a wide range of navigational and engineering skills, without the need to physically attend the training centre,” added Torsten Büssow, Director, Wärtsilä Voyage.

“By having remote access to the simulation library and any classroom-based exercise, instructors can easily manage the application and deliver the training.”

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