METIS signs up as Fleet Data CAP

Software company METIS Cyberspace Technology has signed up as a certified application provider (CAP) on the Inmarsat Fleet Data service, the companies report.

The agreement will allow ship operators collecting data through the Inmarsat Fleet Data service to share their data with the METIS cloud platform for data analysis, performance evaluation and predictive services. Fleet Data collects data from onboard sensors, pre-processes it and uploads it to a central cloud-based database via the Inmarsat network, which is equipped with a dashboard and an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect with third party applications.

Services available from METIS on the platform include voyage analysis, planning and optimisation, predictive fuel oil consumption and emissions reporting.

METIS also provides analysis of the performance of mechanical and electrical machinery on the vessel, such as main engines, ballast water treatment systems, diesel generators, scrubbers and boilers.

The company offers an AI chat function to allow users to interact with a METIS Cyber-Assistant to access information. The chatbot can respond to simple questions in natural language, and is also able to raise complex queries or request analytics and reports in certain circumstances.

“We are very happy to join forces with Inmarsat and we are sure that this cooperation will amplify our efforts to empower shipping companies on their journey towards digital transformation through our highly intelligent data analysis services,” said Mike Konstantinidis, CEO at METIS Cyberspace Technology.

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