IMEC to develop Competency Management System (CMS) for Ratings

The International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) is to develop a standard Competency Management System (CMS) for Ratings, designed to be compatible with competency management software packages from various third-party providers.

IMEC has commissioned Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) to create the system, which will be made exclusively available to the Council’s members. The application will be aimed entirely at the competency of Ratings, assessing their existing level of competency and then mapping out a defined path of the required proficiencies needed for promotion within Rating level ranks.

The new system will give Ratings the option to map out the competencies required to follow different career paths, depending on their personal preferences, while covering all the core skills for specific ranks as well as STCW competencies such as safety and security.

“IMEC’s training committee had identified a differing approach to Ratings’ training over recent years,” said Adam Lewis, Head of Training & Operations at IMEC.

“Whereas historically high achieving ratings were encouraged to become officers, the current trend is for the upskilling of ratings’ competencies, in response to more complex onboard operations. This new CMS will draw on the expertise of both leading shipping companies and of OTG, to create a truly unique product for our members, not only leading to safer working environments, but also for the career advancement of potentially many thousands of seafarers.”

Seafarers will be encouraged to use the new CMS on an ongoing basis, allowing members to track and assess their Ratings’ progress, IMEC says.

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