METIS releases charter party performance monitoring software module

Greece-based maritime software company METIS Cyberspace Technology has launched a new application module developed specifically for monitoring of vessel performance to fulfil Charter Party Agreement (CPA) reporting requirements.

The new module allows operators to monitor and track their vessels’ CPA performance through the online METIS platform using a set of dashboards, based on data collected using the METIS Ship Connect data acquisition system.

Once all CPA terms are imported into the system the user can monitor the relevant vessels and identify potential deviations to specified consumption and speed terms. The system also provides automated notifications should the speed consumption curve exceed certain predefined limits set out in the CPA.

“Monitoring performance to match CPA expectations is one of the biggest challenges a vessel owner can face,” said Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology.

“The CPA module means the right information is always available during the voyage to take corrective actions, and at the end of every voyage for performance evaluation and to address any potential claims.”

“The analysis involves the utilisation of weather data, vessel manoeuvring states and all other remarks included in the CPA, to provide a holistic view of the vessel’s compliance.”

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