GTMaritime launches software updating service for IMO 2021 cyber compliance

GTMaritime has announced the launch of a new service to manage compliance of its shipboard software installations with IMO’s 2021 cyber security requirements, without the need for user intervention.

The Compliance Maintenance service will be offered for free to all of the company’s existing customers and the 6,500 ships it serves, with all GTMaritime applications installed being automatically updated.

“Updating is laborious and unrewarding, and therefore easily put off. It is particularly onerous when ships have varying software inventories or have legacy, though mission-critical applications that may stop working following a major OS update,” said GTMaritime Operations Director, Jamie Jones.

“Compliance Maintenance has been introduced so that owners can be confident that their GTMaritime solutions are fully up-to-date at all times.”

After initial configuration, service updates are distributed fleetwide with no crew intervention required, using GTMaritime’s FastNet hardware-agnostic platform for data transfer. A multi-stream system, FastNet uses a range of bandwidth management techniques to optimise and deliver data packets between ship and shore.

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