‘K’ Line cyber certification achieved for 2021 in Japan and Singapore

Japanese shipping company ‘K’ Line Ship Management reports that it has received certification from ClassNK for compliance of its new Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) for operations in both Japan and Singapore, ahead of IMO’s 2021 deadline for inclusion of cyber risk management in vessel management processes.

MSC.428(98): Maritime cyber risk management in safety management systems was passed by the IMO Maritime Safety Committee in June 2017, requiring that cyber risks are appropriate accounted for in a vessel’s SMS (safety management system) manual by the first annual Document of Compliance (DOC) audit after January 1, 2021.

‘K’ Line Energy Ship Management (K-ENE) and a Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) under its management called SETAGAWA received certification last month, while the Singapore office and its managed container ship ONE HAMBURG were certified in November.

The ship management companies within the ‘K’ Line group have spent a significant amount of time working on the development of a range of practical measures and guides to safely protect ships from cyber security threats, the company said.

Its Singapore business (KLSM SGP), for example, has developed a Cyber Security Management Plan (CSMP) and supporting guide (CSMG) as a supplementary volume added to the Cyber Security Management entry in its Safety Management System (SMS) manual.

All vessels under the management of KLSM SGP will now be equipped with the required IT equipment and supporting cyber security documents and process updates to match the cyber certified set-up of ONE HAMBURG in preparation for next year.

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