Danelec to connect onboard data with Veracity from DNV GL

Danelec Marine and DNV GL have signed a pilot agreement to work together on integrating the DanelecConnect onboard data capture system with DNV GL’s Veracity ecosystem and platform architecture, to explore how the systems can be used together to support vessel data collection and analysis.

Danelec is a manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) and ECDIS, from which shipboard data can be collected and centralised within its DanelecConnect system and made accessible via a Vessel Remote Server (VRS).

Running that data over the Veracity platform will offer Danlec customers new options for integration with a range of third-party applications connected to the DNV GL infrastructure. 

“DanelecConnect taps into existing data infrastructure to create resilient IoT capabilities for customers looking to collect more data for diverse use cases with multiple stakeholders, such as vessel performance optimisation, safety and voyage documentation, and remote VDR surveys,” said Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec Marine.

“Over 20 years of experience at the forefront of VDR technology has informed the development of DanelecConnect. We are confident that its balance of high performance and reliability, combined with lower capital and operational exposure, will help position us as a leader in the maritime data collection segment over the coming years.”

In May of this year, Veracity announced that its platform now supports data formatted according to the ISO19847 and ISO19848 standards (also adopted as supported standards by the Smart Maritime Council in February 2020). Danelec has since become the first data provider on Veracity to standardise its data according to these ISO formats. 

“The fact that Danelec has decided to standardise its data and make it available on Veracity will facilitate for shipowners, managers and other data consumers to both acquire, use and re-use data across many different use cases,” said Managing Director of Veracity, Mikkel Skou.

“This truly shows Danelec’s ambition to support digitalisation in the maritime field. We are very glad to have them onboard Veracity and look forward to exploring how we together can accelerate digitalisation in the maritime industry.”

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