SRH Marine SAIT and Tototheo launch joint venture

Maritime technology services companies SRH Marine SAIT and Tototheo Maritime have joined forces to launch a new joint venture company, to be named MAR360.

The new business will focus on the provision of maritime telecommunication services, building on the parent companies’ existing base in the Greek and Cypriot markets to expand as a global organisation.

“We believe this partnership is an embodiment of our ongoing belief that the future of shipping lies in transparency and collaboration,” said Socrates Theodossiou, Owner and co-CEO of Tototheo Maritime.

“This partnership with SRH Marine SAIT is a natural evolution of our growth as a trusted partner.”

Theodoros Nikolopoulos, Managing Director of SRH Marine SAIT and Despina Panayiotou Theodossiou, co-CEO of Tototheo Maritime, will work together to lead the new company, assuming the roles of joint CEOs in MAR360.

“We enter this partnership on equal terms and confident that it is a game-changer in our industry,” the pair said, in a joint statement.

“This ‘Anything, anywhere’ approach reflects the joint venture’s attitude and ability to service our customers’ needs whatever they are, wherever they are, and this has been a constant value for both SRH and Tototheo. We’ve combined traditional family values with a full portfolio of 21st Century technology connectivity applications, globally.”

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